The 4 Aetheric Power Generators in Locke provide a near limitless supply of clean, concentrated aether to the empire through careful application of the MAKO process.

First conceived 20 years ago by the scientist Gideon Evi, the MAKO (Mass Aethero-Kinetic Obviation) process is a complex and carefully balanced process that involves coating a suitable medium in 'free' aether particles then refining this medium until only raw, controllable aether remains.

Working together with Helios Geld, the first Aetheric Reactor was constructed in Locke over a decade ago. The current design utilises gold-contact magnetism to attract free-floating aether particles and process them into a useful form.

The cut and thrust of the reactor process involves the attraction of aether particles from the atmosphere to the tower, where a careful arrangement of wards cause the aether to solidify. This is condensed down and cooled multiple times as it is pushed down into the main reserve pool of raw, liquid aether. In turn, this is pumped into the exterior holding tanks for distribution or off-site storage.

Excess heat from this process is dispelled via the exterior cooling pools. Impurities sink to the bottom of the main reserve pool, where it is regularly sifted and dumped in the nether.

This whole process works more or less automatically and the on-site admin and control building is largely for emergency control and security. The latter is important as certain recyclable byproducts of the process can be incredibly dangerous to a mortal's health. Alongside the usual concerns when working with concentrated aether, the radical aether particles radiate into any living thing nearby causing a myriad of health concerns and occasional psychological instability in magic users. These radical aether particles are catalysed and drawn into the raw aether naturally throughout the process.