Full Name: Aletheia Hybreos

Alias: Hybris

Player: Kelaran

Title: N/A

Birthplace: Unknown

Birth Year: 1136KL

Height: 5'6"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur-Amaranth

Patron Divines: Lord Fortuna, Lady Serpentia

Hometown: Izalith

Alliegence: The Empire


Hybris is a bit blunt, preferring to wreck minor havoc than battle or trade. Her entrance into Izalith was borne of her relationship with Lor Nito, indebted to him for rescuing her from detriment sometime previously. While not always readily accepted by the others due to her commoner status and general antics, most leave her alone. She's often seen building or running general errands for the Lor of Izalith.

Despite having separate outlooks, she is friends and cousins with Nikole Celesté. Though related to the Celestés, she is not accepted by their family and they often refute her existence.