Full Name: Alucard Vanguard

Alias: Jonathan Landro, The Peacemaker (Given by Uma)

Player: Herp_Derpem

Title: N/A

Birthplace: Zion

Birth Year: 1131KL

Height: 6'2"

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Psyian-Firas

Patron Divines: Lord Tempis, Lady Videth

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Hometown: Ascuns

Alliegence: Empire..... for now.


Alucard Vanguard grew up a middle class life and was known as the neighborhood troublemaker. He was never spoiled by his family and definitely not by those around him so he would handle anything and everything by himself. He discovered he was gifted not long after he turned 1. He never asked for food as an infant and he was avoided by most animals. At a young age his parents went to visit his father's ancestors in the psyian homeland. Unforunately, this was when Operation Heratic as just about to happen. The empire killed his parents and all of his known ancestors when he was just 4 years old. Thanks to the gift, he learned how to survive on his own since he never hungers for actual food, life was rather easy to survive for awhile. This free lifestyle led Alucard to become a mercenary for the outsiders and the alliance when he was just 14. He even worked for some of the minor empire officials at times, but only if he could not find work. Unbound by the rules of a country and a family, he is not afraid of doing anything and will cause trouble anywhere. During his travels, he ment Shreak, Liuka. They soon became friends and yet rivals at the same time. Eventually though, when conforted by Judge Tondier, he decided to finally pick a side in the war, and help rebuild the alliance.

Not too long after joining the alliance, Alucard became mayor of his own town, Mikadel. This was his pride and joy for quite some time. He built about half the town entirely on his own and tried his best to protect it. Unforunately it fell to the empire in the first battle against them. This left him shattered. His pride and joy was destoried and he was left with nothing for the second time in his life. His combat skills had failed him and he realized the incredible power that people can hold. From this point on he has been much less aggressive and more passive when it comes to helping the alliance against the empire. He is now the mayor of the mayor hidden alliance town and head of alliance expansion. After he was arrestted multiple times, he decided to come up with another persona to take on when not amongst friendly company. He became the outsider/adventurer, Jonathan Landro. He soon met Dr. Tobius Grimm, and became friends while in this person. They still keep in touch via letters occasionally, but it is entirely hidden from either side. Not long after that, Alucard established the Diplomatic City of Hyperia, a home to empire, outsider, and alliance alike. Unforunately with his master Tondier, going rogue, he was left without a mage trainer. On top of that, his fellow mage, Diego, was banished from the alliance for siding with his old master. Alucard, however, sided with Uma against the seekers. With Tondier's departure leaving a power vacuum for Alucard to fill. Eventually Uma and Alucard had agreed to try and make peace with the empire against the seekers, seeing that they were never going to survive against them online. Their inaction with the emperor had left them in a tough situation. They had to either join the empire, or be alone in the battle against the empire and the seekers. He chose to follow Uma's decision, trusting that some good could come out of it for now, and join the empire. Unforunately now Alucard can not train his new found apprentice he met earler that day and must try and survive within the empire. Lately, Alucard has been very distant lately and has been spending a lot of time devoted to the fallen friends and alliance members that have died in his lifetime. He has been wandering and exploring in his free time and has not been communicating too much with anyone lately.