Amaranthine map

A partial map of the continent of Amaranth

Amaranthine is the name given to the plane on which all mortal life was created. Whilst connected planes, such as the corrupted Nether, the Ender Dimension and even the Realm itself exist, Amaranthine exists as the source of mortality. Created by The Sixteen and overseen by High Lord Nivicus, the general makeup of Amaranthine has remained fairly stable since it's creation. The two primary landmasses are two continents; Amaranth and Marast, with many smaller islands scattered throughout the oceans surrounding each. Additionally, artificial landmasses, such as the large city of Locke exist, though are generally considered to be a part of the continent they reside closest to.


Amaranth is the larger of the two continents, yet it is also the more difficult to define as a continent. Existing to the northwest of Marast, the majority of Amaranth is more akin to an archipelago than a true continent. However, of these islands many are of a fairly notable size, resulting in what many describe more as a "broken continent". Amaranth is most notable for being the home of Locke, the capital of the Old Kingdom and the Empire.


Marast is the smaller of the two continents, but lends itself more to the technical definition of a continent. From the Sands of Boon to the Frozen Mists in the North, Marast exists as a single landmass. Whilst many notable locations reside on Marast; Boonville, Skyedale and Zion to name but a few, the most notable factor concerning Marast is not what is there, but whom, with the von Boon family being perhaps the most notable in modern times.


Throughout Amaranthine's history, mankind is not the only creation to have flourished. Whether through the blessings of Lady Vix, or simply through adaptable survivability, the general fauna of the plane has developed and evolved at a fairly alarming, and somewhat dangerous rate. Whils generally timid, at least during the day, wildlife has, in recent years, began to pose a much larger threat to societies. The many nests of giant spiders are an espeically dangerous threat, perhaps due to disturbance caused by the increased growth during the latter years of the Old Kingdom and the early years of the Empire. However, generally the wildlife of Amaranthine retains a gentle, unthreatening approach, with many Amaranthians succeeding in farming animals and creatures alike.