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A partial map of the continent of Amaranth.

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The world is changing. The fall of the Alliance did not bring peace to Amaranthine. Instead, it simply brought more war. The Empire has proven its continued dominance over man, showing that placing logic before emotion, coupled with the divine right of the Magi is what all Amaranthine requires. However, not all life on Amaranthine is mortal.

The Psyian known as Tondier has chosen his path, a path very few would follow him down. He has sided with the group known as The Seekers; ancient beings of pure Corruption who exist only to end all existence. The mutual disagreement between Tondier and the Seekers - each using the other to further their own goals - creates a threat much greater than that which the New Alliance posed.

Leaving the lands of Amaranth behind, the key figures and many potential legends have travelled to the Northern Lands in an effort to stop the Seekers. To find the remaining Relics of the Divines.

Of course, there are others. People who attempt to live outside this struggle, simply intending to prolong their own existence, fill their own pockets. Forced to live a double-life of solitude and diplomacy, they are caught in the centre of the conflict. Many may disagree with the methods the Empire uses, but they fight for man. Some may have been allies of Tondier in the past, yet he works to doom them all. Some Outsiders continue to work in an effort to bring down the Empire, feeling they are either unnecessary to the continuation of life, or that they personally could do a better job. Whether they are delusional or the heroes Amaranthine needs...time will tell.

With the Empire claiming the fight for the future of man, Tondier fighting for reasons very few know, and the Seekers openly vowing the destruction of all that has existed and will exist, and with the Outsiders choosing to walk their own paths, Amaranthine is facing a threat unlike any other. Former ideals must be cast aside if man is to survive, but do you have to be the ones to fight for it? Perhaps there are even other paths...

It is now time to fight for the future.

Where do you stand?

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