"Amaranthine Radio - Live from the City of Gold!" is a near-constant source of news, entertainment and information for all of Amaranthine.

Based in the City of Gold, a city on the continent of Marast, Amaranthine Radio is, perhas unsurprisingly, a radio station. Whilst technically the stream is global, the feed to the continent of Amaranth differs in certain ways to the feed on Marast. Whilst Marast still heavily relies on traditional radio waves, the Amaranth feed, provided by Aethertech, relies of Aetheric-based Wavelengths - the same technology used for the ACOM.

As such, citizens of Amaranth may recieve the radio signal directly from their ACOM with no additional radio equipment required - simply connecting to the stream will allow the end user to listen to the station regardless of location.

Whilst generally there is no direct "theme" to the music they play - unless in a state of emergency, there are no specialist shows - there is usually a team of hosts ready to relay news or sponsor messages at various times during the stream.

Whilst there has been much contested argument concerning whether the stream is live or simply a pre-recorded set of messages and music set to repeat at random, visitors to, and citizens of, the City of Gold, maintain that there are always some individuals present inside the radio tower, although since unauthorised access is not allowed, the claims that it is "live" cannot be confirmed or dismissed.