The lost city of Ariamis is the fabled homeland of the Ariavolka. Whilst most common knowledge of Ariamis is lost, exagerrated or outright fabrication, certain pieces of information are considered as fact.

It is widely accepted that the city was already in decline by 877KL as records from the succession of King Thernad suggest the town was in economic decline and political turmoil.

Shortly prior to 842KL, many of the city's inhabitants had left the city due to mass panic, the cause of which is still not fully understood.

In 842KL, the city went dark, no missives, merchants or refugees were heard. Scouts were dispatched by neighbours and other nations to determine what had happened. None knew what happened, but all saw the same thing - nothing. The city was gone, replaced by a thin red mist that none dared enter.

The Ariavolka who survived became refugees or went underground and became the Volka, a widespread and varied bloodline.