Full Name: Azruhkal Elric VonCreeper

Alias: VonCreeper

Player: personalepidemic

Title: Lor

Birthplace: Amestris

Birth Year: 1129KL

Height: 6'1"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Psyian-Firas

Alignment: True Neutral

Patron Divines: Lord Tempis, Lord Stahtis

Hometown: Amestris

Alliegence: The Empire


Lucy VonCreeper (Sister, Unknown)

Alice VonCreeper (Wife, Deceased)

Pre-Lor LifeEdit

VonCreeper led a fairly normal childhood, he would run around the town of Amestris and was known as the towns child for his neighbors seemed to take a liking to his playful attitude. At an early age he showed a fondness for the Aether, although it could be expected considering his part Psyian blood. When he reach an appropriate age he left for Locke to start his official Mage training, while there he recieved much hate from Magi who looked down on him, but he quickly distinguished himself as an adept mage, although he was better than most he still was treated as though his skills were sub par due to his psyian blood. While in Locke he met the young Wolf Huntic and would occassionally see him when his family came in on business and they became good friends.

After completing his schooling at the mage academy in Locke, Voncreeper headed back home to the Magicians Academy in Amestris. There he suffered the same treatment as before, showing extreme skill but denied any real progress because of his bloodline. At the academy he met Alice Vessalius, a girl born into a well known Magi family. Until he was about 20, both the academy and Alice had been ignoring the young Azruhkal, but he would soon have eyes on him after submitting a paper with groundbreaking research into the nether. He achieved the rank of highermagician a few months later. Azruhkal had started seeing Alice, her parents greatly disaproved of her seeing a "Common Psyian" but she ignored them and continued on her relationship with Azruhkal. It was when Azruhkal was 26 that it was brought to his attention that an inquisitor had been coming onto Alice, he quickly told the man to stop. The inquisitor quickly called Azruhkal a filthy commoner and challenged him to a duel. It was here that Azruhkal proved his adept magic skills by defeating the inquisitor to near death, the Grand Inquisitor at the time found Azruhkal interesting and replaced the now disgraced inquisitor with Azruhkal.

It was right before he was asked to join The Empire that his greatest tragedy befell him. Whilst he was away for business for the Magicians Academy, the small farm town he and his wife had moved to was attacked by rogue alliance members. Even with the considerable magic talent she had, Alice could not defend the village from the attackers and was eventually killed. After recieving word of the attack he quickly ran back to the village and saw the gruesome sight of his entire town slaughtered and the alliance members picking at there belongings. In his rage Azruhkal mercilessly killed everyone who was there, giving them no chane of survival. A short time after the slaughter, Vincent Von Boon had his rise to emporer and offered Azruhkal a position as Lor of Amestris. Azruhkal quickly accepted it, seeing it as his chance to take revenge against those who killed his wife, he also made a solemn vow never to let anything like that happen to the City he was now responsible for.


Azruhkal is not known as a very serious person, he is an overall sarcastic smartass even in the presence of the divines he shows little sign of caring. it seemed to happen after his wifes death, he began to see everything as a joke, he seems to only want to see things play out, not caring about the outcome as long as he saw the process leading to the end result.