Amaranthine is a very diverse world; whilst in one area airships may prevail another region may still rely on traditional sea-faring vessels. Bloodlines are similarly varied. Each Amaranthian draws from one of six distinct bloodlines, with each one having a decisive impact on both lifestyles and abilities. The Imperial Census separates these six into two distinct categories; Noble and Common.

[Note: Whilst certain bloodlines would naturally lend themselves to either side more than others, they are not locked. A Noble-Blooded Amaranthian can join the Alliance, just as a Common-Blooded Amaranthian may serve the Empire. The Traits listed with each faction are indicative only of an "average" member of that bloodline. That is to say, you could quite simply copy that information as it exists, and you would have a functional character of that bloodline. However, we encourage you to customise your character's Age, Height, Patron Divines and Stance as fits your character.


The Noble-Blooded Amaranthains make up the majority of the Empire. Flourishing under the new rule of Vincent von Boon and the Lors, and generally thankful for the protection offered from the Alliance. Unlike the Common-Blooded who tend to lean more towards self-sufficient survival, the Noble-Blooded Amaranthians have generally looked towards the Magi for leadership and order.


Claiming to be the first Amaranthians born from the Divines, and those blessed by the High Lord Nivicus himself, the Magi found their place as the natural leaders of Amaranthine. Their innate Aether control grants them unparalleled skills as Magicians, and this, combined with a natural gift for speechcraft and their relative handiness with a blade, it is unsurprising that they exist as the most dominating culture, despite being such a minority.

To be Magi is to be related to the very rulers of the Old Kingdom, and by direct link, the Empire; a claim that cannot be made by many. Indeed, many who make this claim lack any proof, and do not show the traits associated with true Magi.

Amongst the most notable Magi are King Jilliad the Wise, First King of the Old Kingdom and the von Boon's; Emperor Vincent von Boon, his brother, Lor Leon von Boon, and their sister Rose von Boon, also known as <CRITICAL ERROR: CONTACT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR>.

(Please note, this Bloodline cannot be chosen as pure or hybrid without speaking with an admin first.)


  • Lifespan: 150 years
  • Height: M:6'0" F:5'5"
  • Features: Blue/Grey Eyes, Pale Skin
  • Patron Divine(s): High Lord Nivicus
  • Abilities: Innate Aether Control
  • Stance: Diplomatic/Agressive


Traders and Diplomats by trade, the Fulgur are swift beings, as their associated element of Air would suggest. Especially gifted sailors, those Fulgur who do not turn to trade find comfortable work as Captains about the Empires many airships.

With an unmatchable groundspeed, enchanced hearing and their shrewd methods of speechcraft, they often find themselves seemingly blessed by Lord Divitius, with the wealth they recieve. Of course, their innate abilities also lend themselves to a life of crime just as they do a life of trade, and many of the greatest thieves in Amaranthine history have been Fulgur.

One of the most notable Fulgur in history was Yorik the Wealthy, later known as Yorik the Black, a trader-turned-thief. Proving that the Fulgur could succeed in both professions, he lived as an exceptionally wealthy man until his death at a comfortably old age.


  • Average Lifespan: 100 years
  • Average Height: M:6'3" F:5'7"
  • Notable Features: Slim frame, slightly pointed ears
  • Patron God(s): Lord Divitius, Lady Videth
  • Abilities: Shrewd Salesmen and Diplomats, Exceptional Hearing, Fast
  • Stance: Diplomatic


Amongst the finest warriors in Amaranthine, the Firas use their Fiery nature to solve their problems through might alone. Though not the greatest thinkers on Amaranthine by a considerable margin, the Firas made a name for themselves by way of their brute strength alone. The bulk of the Old Kingdom army was Firas, a tradition the Imperial Army continues. It is worth noting, however. that what the Firas lack in general intelligence, they certainly make up for with unmatchable military strategy. Those Firas who have recieved too great an injury, or simply grown to old to continue the fight often find a place as either an Officer or a private military strategist.

Perhaps the most important figure in all of the Old Kingdom, the Unknown General, was Firas. Saving King Jilliad the Wise during the Battle of Unification, it was through this un-named heroes actions that the Kingdom was founded. Notable Firas clans include the Huntics and the Ornolfson of the Battlebound.


  • Average Lifespan: 60 years
  • Average Height: M:6'6" F:6'1"
  • Notable Features: Bulky frame
  • Patron Gods: Lord Sekheimos
  • Abilities: Powerful Warriors, Master Strategists
  • Stance: Agressive


The Common-Blooded Amaranthians are amongst the most numerable on Amaranthine. Often looked down upon within the Empire, if any Common-Blooded individual sought any occupation within the Empire, they are required to pledge "The Oath", binding themselves to not just the Empire, but to the will of Vincent von Boon himself. As a result, many find a place outside of the Empire, either with the Alliance or as Outsiders.


The Psyians were a fairly reclusive culture, staying mostly inside their homeland Balseraph. Historically, very few outsiders were allowed entrance to Balseraph, and the few people who were entrance denied to answer any questions of it's appearance (presumably for fear of death). Along with few outsider being allowed entrance, very few Psyians have been documented leaving Balseraph for any purpose other than trading. Trades with Psyians tend to indicate they were fairly advanced technology wise, using technology and the aether in conjunction to further both. Alongside their technology based ways, the Psyians have a tall, slim figure. Most Psyians tend to the intellectual, diplomatic side of things, preferring to backstab people metaphorically. However, if push comes to shove, Psyians prefer to backstab literally than to attack up front.

Balseraph was destroyed in Operation Heretic during the year 1135 KL, only one pure Psyian remains, Tondier .

(Please note, this Bloodline cannot be chosen as a hybrid without speaking with an admin first, and can not be chosen as pure.)


  • Average Lifespan: 125 years
  • Average Height: M:6'4" F:5'9"
  • Notable Features: Slim Frame
  • Patron Gods: The Four - Komid, Lomare, Homine, and Soman (look at Balseraph page for more info)
  • Abilities: Innate Aether Control
  • Stance: Diplomatic


The most numerable peoples on all of Amaranthine, the Amaranth can make their trade doing almost anything; their ability to adapt to situations, and their diplomatic skills are well noted. As there have been few, if any, truly notable Amaranth, very few people truly know what to expect from this group of people most of the time. Facing an Amaranth in combat can mean anything from an easy victory to the most painful defeat, and the same can be said for a battle of Aether or of wits.

Clearly there is no contest should a Magi Higher Magician come face-to-face with even an Amaranth Higher Magician, assuming they are prepared, and it is this unpredictablility that allows the Amaranth to thrive.


  • Average Lifespan: 80 years
  • Average Height: M:5'10" F:5'4"
  • Notable Features: None
  • Patron Gods: Lord Imperito, Lord Stahtis
  • Abilities: Adaptable, Unpredictable
  • Stance: Diplomatic/Agressive


Seen as common manual workers, the Volka are often branded cowards who would rather till a farm or work in a mine than one who would stand up for themselves. As a result other Amaranthains, especially the Firas, look upon them with little respect.

Similar to the Amaranth, very little is known about them, though their culture is surprisingly deep and rich. Whilst their skill with tools is noted often, very few people realise that this equates beyond manual labour. Volka can lend themselves to anything from artistic endeavours to using their tools a weapons in combat - a Volka charging with a logging axe is a sight that may not instill much fear, but that is generally a misconception people would make only once.


  • Average Lifespan: 70 years
  • Average Height: M:5'8" F:5'6"
  • Notable Features: Keen eyesight, especially in the dark
  • Patron Gods: Lady Vix, Lord Noctus, Lord Luctus
  • Abilities: Improved skills with tools.
  • Stance: Diplomatic


Though uncommon, it is possible for an Amaranthian to share the blood of multiple bloodlines. These few are known as Hybrids. Psyian-Hybrids are perhaps among the most common Hybrids; surprising given the relative smallness of each of their full-blooded counterpart. Of the four remaining bloodlines, it has been noted that Firas and Fulgur blood does not create a Hybrid; nor does Amaranth and Volka. In addition, there are no records of any Magi-Psyian hybrids, with the common belief being that the two bloodlines are entirely incompatible. The official, and correct method of describing a Hybrid bloodline within the Empire is to place the Most noble bloodline first (with exception of Pysians, who the Empire demands announce themselves as such immediately). As such, the possible Hybrid bloodlines are as follows:













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