So, you want to make your character profile on the wiki look nice and neat? That's good. It makes life easier for us admins, and it allows the players easier access to all the important information about your character...but just what information should be considered "important" and what sort of layout should you be looking at?

If that is your question, then you are in the right place. Below is a suitable template for your character creation.

Full Name: Your character's full name.

Alias: Whatever other name your character may go by.

Player: The only OOC section of your character template. Simply your Minecraft account name.

Title: Any official titles you have been granted. If you're creating a character yourself, you won't have any yet.

Birthplace: The location your character was born.

Birth Year: The year of your characters birth. Consult the Timeline to ensure accuracy.

Height: Your chracter height, in Foot/Inches. If you use metres/centimetres we will convert them.

Status: Alive/Deceased/Gifted.

Bloodline: See Bloodlines.

Alignment: See Alignment

Patron Divine: See The Sixteen and High Lord Nivicus. You may choose anywhere between 0-4.

Hometown: Your current location in Amaranthine.

Alliegence: The Empire/The Alliance/Outsider

Relations: Relatives, alive or dead. Note: They should have some relation to either the overall Amaranthine canon, or your characters personal backstory. In addition, relations to any other player character or family thereof must be discussed with that player. This includes any relation to the von Boon's, no matter how distant (though this will likely be discussed when you discuss the use of Magi as your bloodline.)

Backstory will follow below, and whilst not required for access through the Greylist, having a well-written backstory will both allow the staff to "play off" your character a lot better, and also provide a source of reference for other players. If you are writing a backstory at the very moment of character creation, be sure to consult the WIki to avoid either "gamejacking" or simply stating incorrect facts. If you're not sure about something, simply ask a member of staff to work with you.

If you have designed a backstory but are unsure of if it's acceptable, authentic or anything else, simply post your draft on my talk page.

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