Full Name: Dazlis

Alias: D

Player: TannerBoBanner

Title: None

Birthplace: In a deep, lonely mineshaft.

Birth Year: 1142KL

Height: 5'10"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Firas-Amaranth

Patron Divine:

Hometown: A lonely island

Alliegence: The Empire

Relations: None known, but may have a long-lost sister, Dessiere. Not sure about that yet.


Dazlis was born in a mineshaft, one of the biggest ones in Amaranth. Her mother was a miner, her father, well that's another story. D never had a normal childhood because she lived in an underground village where all of the miners were required to live. She had heard many stories about the outside, but she had never seen it. Her mother begged to be let out just for a minute, to show her daughter the outside, but that dream was never fulfilled. Therefore, Dazlis has very pale skin and hates being inside. No matter what, D will never go back in another mineshaft, in an attempt to forget her childhood.

Her mother was Madeliene. She had no last name. Madeliene was killed in a creeper accident, and Dazlis was only 6 years old. Madeliene had been born in the nether, and lived there for a mere 2 months after birth. Soon she got a job as miner, at the age of 16. She gave birth to Dazlis when she was 18. Madeliene died 6 years later at the age of 24.

Dazlis' father had no name. They just called him Guy. He died before Dazlis was even born, or even before D was even a possibility. Because of this information, some of the miners think that is a rumor and think D's father is still alive, just, misplaced. According to some miners, her father had some issues and needed to "get better". Just maybe, one day, D will find him.

Dazlis has no know relatives, although she may have a sister; Desserie and a cousin; Artyom. That has not been confirmed yet. Her mother had no siblings, but her father did have a sister, but she died 10 years before Dazlis was born.