Full Name: Driool Akmen

Alias: Driool

Player: auzziebrenny

Birthplace: Unknown

Birth Year: 1146KL

Height: 6'0"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Amaranth

Patron Divine:

Hometown: Unknown

Alliegence: The Alliance


Driool never had a name when he was growing up because his birth father and mother abandoned him and in a tiny piece of wood and sent him adrift in the high seas. That was until and strange fisherman found him. Driool lived with this fisherman for 10 years of his life but as the years went on the hatred grew and grew. The fisherman was a drunk that betted on him, he never gave him a name other the descras and one night Driool got beaten and bye his there so he went to his room and jumped out the window he never saw his fisherman dad again. So the next 5 years of his life he spent living in holes and on the street stealling food to live and gave him self the name Driool, and then he found the Alliance, they took him in and gave him a home now. He is with the Alliance and one day hopes to get back at the fisherman.

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