Full Name:
Elizabeth "Viveline" Hartmann

Alias: Eliza, Viv

Player: Alyzanae

Birthplace: Locke

Birth Year: 1139KL

Height: 5'5"

Status: Deceased (Spirit)

Bloodline: Fulgur-Amaranth

Alignment: True Neutral

Patron Divine(s): Videth

Hometown: Lost Sanctuary

Alliegence: Outsider


Unknown parents (deceased)

Johan Hartmann (guardian, deceased)

Rori Hartmann (friend, deceased)

Elizabeth was born in Locke duing 1139KL to unknown parents. Her mother died giving birth and her father drank himself to death. On the early years of her school, one of the teachers, Johan Hartmann decided to take her into his custody, providing her shelter and a new friend, Rori Hartmann. He also shared his last name with Elizabeth as she never had one.

As the war broke out, the three ran away from Locke into the wilderness, not wanting to participate in the war at all and to live their days peacefully. Their makeshift shelter was attacked by wild beasts one night, brutally murdering all three.

Elizabeth's spirit roamed the woods restlessly until she found an old abandoned base which she named Lost Sanctuary. She has been rebuilding it to help travelers who make their way there, providing them shelter and food. Although most of the travelers have ran away as Elizabeth appeared from walls.

She is considered a kind and energetic spirit, but if threatened, she knows how to attack. She enjoys playing the piano and the violin. She also collects old books as a hobby.

While not floating around in her orb-like spirit form, she takes the form of her body just before she got eaten, red shirt, black pants, rubber boots and a blue raincoat over them with the hood on, her hair is disheveled and she has quite visible bags under her eyes.

She's rarely seen anywhere else than Lost Sanctuary, but she wishes to explore the world.