Full Name:
Faeron Alyon Tallithion

Alias: Sometimes called "Faeron Whisperwind" for the faint whispers in the air before targets are struck by his arrow.

Player: Gunxshinobi

Birthplace: Unknown

Birth Year: 1135KL

Height: 6'2"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur-Amaranth

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Patron Divines: Lord Stahtis, Lord Noctus, Lady Videth, Lord Divitius

Hometown: Arthedain

Alliegence: The Empire


Unknown. Mother and Father were said to be killed when he was young.


It is said that Faeron's parents were killed when he was just a mere infant. It is believed his Mother was of Fulgur blood whereas his Father was of Amaranth blood. Faeron had been on his own since the very beginning, and trained himself masterfully in the art of the bow and arrow. Not much is known about other family ties, just rumors of a brother that was lost long ago.


Faeron's personality comes mostly from his Mother based on the sarcasticness and shrewdness in his comments about others. When not called upon battle, Faeron is usually found at home, practicing with his bow, or in the local tavern drinking his past away. Wheras his battle-style mainly comes from his Father's unpredictability. Due to his unpredictability in battle, when called upon, Faeron prefers to kill his targets from afar using his famed bow Casshern. It is said that when Faeron is about to kill his target, all is quiet except for the faint whispers in the air before the coming of death.


Faeron is athletically built at six feet two inches tall. He has short pointy ears and long red hair and usually wears a green and brown tunic. He always has his bow in hand and a quiver of arrows on his back.