Heimholl is the great meadhall in Sekifrost. It acts not only as a place of center of community for the Battlebound, but also as a place of worship for Sekheimos.


Ancient HistoryEdit

Far before the Old Kingdom, the great hall was built by some of the earliest Battlebound after their migration to Sekifrost. The hall's history was long and extensive, and was widely regarded as the greatest symbol of Battlebound culture, indeed, the Battlebound tongue even had it's own word specifically referring to Heimholl, and the symbol for the hall also became one of the symbols to be synonymous with Sekheimos himself.

Associated LoreEdit

The greatest legend of Heimholl comes from the contest between Ornolf the Mighty and Sekheimos, though because of it's extensive history, many other legends and myths have been told of the hall, with varying degrees of truths and falsities.

Ornolf and Torsten the ShouterEdit

After Ornolf gained his status as Chieftain of all Battlebound, he spent many years in this position, becoming extremely wise and extremely powerful. It was during one night of particularly heavy drinking, that Torsten, a young but extremely great Battlebound warrior challenged his position. "When you pass on, how will we decide the next to rule?", it is said he asked rather brashly. Bemused, Ornolf laughed heartily and approached the gaudy warrior. "The rule lands to my next of kin... but you intrigue me. If you feel you are worthy, you may claim my rank from my bloodline by beating me..." Torsten, no fool, took advantage of this moment. He knew he could not immediately best Ornolf in a physical altercation, so he finished Ornolf's words for him. "In a shouting match." Torsten figured that his young and healthy lungs could overpower the old man's. Ornolf accepted these terms with glee.

Torsten proceeded outside, and shouted with enough power to shred the leaves off a Sekifrost mosstree. Ornolf, nodding, then shouted even louder so as to rip the very bark from the wood of the same tree. Torsten then shouted with such ferocity that a boulder split in two. Ornolf shouted so much louder that the same boulder simply crumbled into dust. Finally, with much frustration, Torsten shouted so loud that the Ornolf was knocked straight off his feet, which was no easy task. Ornolf, brushing himself off, opened his mouth. But instead of a yell or shout, came a simple whisper. "You cannot best me, for Ornolf I am, the most mighty", the wind slithered through his lips. Torsten went to cheer for his victory, and found himself dumbstruck. No words left his lips, no cheers echoed in the night! "You have shouted so greatly, to which I do applaud, that you have lost your very voice. And not for a moment, or some time, but for life. And how can one rule if one cannot command?" Thus Ornolf's people were reminded that one of Sekheimos's many skills was the guile of battle strategy, and Ornolf had saved his voice by not over shouting Torsten one final time. Thus Torsten was defeated, and Ornolf continued his rule for many years to come.

Up until the very end, the proper method for challenging Battlebound rule was a match of shouts.

Hrolf and the WarwolfEdit

Hrolf, one of the Battlebound leaders before the Calamity, descendant of Ornolf, caught some unknown disease. On the day he assumed to die, everyone gathered at Heimholl to honor their leader. During the traditional passing procession, a wild wolf walked through the door, and stood before Hrolf. At first Hrolf was angry, and tried to simply shoo the wolf. The wolf did not budge. Hrolf then tried to push the wolf, hoping it would understand. It did not move. Finally, Hrolf arose from his deathbed, and with much fury, screamed at the wolf with a ferocity not seen in years. Amazed, his brethren stood up and approached him. Hrolf, quite confused, asked them why those rose so gleefully to a man on his deathbed. They responded, "But, Great Hrolf, you have risen from your illness and show that you are not weak at all anymore!" Bewildered and amazed, Hrolf realized he indeed felt his old strength returning to his bones. The wolf bowed it's head, and from then on, a warwolf traditionally always stayed inside Heimholl for good luck and fortune.

The End of Yol the MenaceEdit

Not all chieftain of the Battlebound were noble and great. One of Ornolf's many descendants and heirs was Yol the Menace. During childhood it was said Yol had a fondness for unnecessary death, hunting what he did not need, and preying on those weaker than him. This never changed, and as Yol gained his crown by right, he led the Battlebound into their darkest chapter of unnecessary bloodshed, plundering, and nefarious hedonism. Whilst his core supporters were fond of him, most of the proud Battlebound were not fond of his ways. Finally, one day Gretae, a young woman Battlebound, challenged Yol to the Shouts.

Yol tried to laugh away the challenge, but as others reminded him, he had to accept by the customs set by Ornolf. It was said their match outside the Heimholl lasted three whole days and night, until finally Gretae collapsed to her knees from exhaustion. It is said that Yol then tried to do the most despicable of things, and offered her copulation for her life. Little did he knew that Gretae had planned for such despicable outcomes, and accepted his offer readily. During their time together, Gretae stabbed Yol through the heart, ending his reign.

Though not by normal customs, the Battlebound agreed Gretae was a true Battlebound and great, and let her take her place as the new chieftain, though she bore a child of Yol's. Gretae was considered one of the mightiest Battlebound chieftains who ever had lived, second only to Ornolf.