Lor Nito

Lor Nito Head of the IIA

The Imperial Intelligence Agency (colloquially known as the IIA) is the main headquarters for Imperial intelligence in the world. The Agency works under the supervision of Lor Nito in the city of Izalith, dealing with all matters of Imperial security. They attend to threats both from within the Empire and also outside of its jurisdiction.


Under the Imperial Security Act of 0IR, the Emperor institued several new policies on the safekeeping of the State:

  1. In accordance with the need to remove the threat of out-of-state influences to the Empire, the center for Imperial intelligence has been established under the banner of Lor Nito of Izalith, christened the Imperial Intelligence Agency.
  2. Subjects of the Empire are hereby required to support the policies of the Empire, submit to property searches and consent to Imperial interrogation on matters pertaining to the security of the State.
  3. Imperial Intelligence Agents, without the consent of the suspected party, reserve the right to seize private property, confiscate evidence and contraband, and enforce the policies of the Empire while on case.
  4. Imperial citizens who do no adhere to these policies are subject to apprehension at any time and any place.
We have control.

Initial ReceptionEdit

During the initial "growing pains" of the Empire, many citizens and even some influential nobles openly questioned the necessity of such an organization, citing that the presence of the IIA would only serve to threaten the citizenry and rob them of personal freedom.

Not long after the Imperial Security Act, notable Firas politician Francis Laferriere made a public statement denouncing the IIA, calling it "an abomination of power, the absolute corruption of all security measures inherent to the ruling of a governed society. Instead of promoting public safety, these policies suppress them into following this new government at the expense of their free will!"

Several days later, Mr. Laferriere and his family were reported missing by the custodial staff taking care of their land. There has been no police investigation on this matter.

We keep you safe.

Current SituationEdit

As time progressed, opposition to the IIA steadily decreased and any outspoken members of Imperial society have either mysteriously disappeared or have grown to support the organization.

Citizens seeking job opportunities within the IIA are to report the Agency headquarters in Izalith and speak to Lor Nito. After a brief observational period, prospective agents will be contacted and will undergo several tests to ensure the quality of future IIA personnel.

We are your hope.