Iris Delia

Full Name: Iris Delia

Alias: Iris. Iri, to those who are her friends. (Pronounced ih-ree)

Player: Riddlecraft

Title: None

Birthplace: In the wilds of Marast

Birth Year: 1145KL

Height: 5'4"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divine: Lady Vix. At times, Lord Divitius

Hometown: Travelling.

Alliegence: Outsider

Relations: None have been reported - Orphan.


On the back of a travelling car avan, Iris Delia entered Amaranthine. For six years she was looked after by various travelling folk - once she was old enough, she would stay further away from campsites and stay for one or two nights on her own in the wilds. Eventually, at the age of ten, Iris was able to stay a decent distance from the wanderers and set up tents to sleep in for up to a week.

Iris was never able to fully ally herself to any faction due to her need to explore. Thus, she was never able to find the willpower to settle down and focus on educating herself, meaning she is not very bright. She is able to craft makeshift tools from sticks and stones, but unable to craft anything from ore. Her mining skills are pathetic, at best - but she is happy to accompany anyone into dark caves...for a price.

Iris made her living out of killing monsters and hunting animals. She prefers a Bow and some Arrows, but is unable to craft such complex weapons so stone hatchets and sometimes crude stone blades are the best she can manage. She's never seen one of the larger cities, relying on smaller towns that are further away from bustling cities for her trading due to the fact higher quality merchandise can be obtained from large cities.

Appearance: Iris has sharp emerald-green eyes that dart around under a mop of long, brushed hair that tumbles down her back and across her front. Her cheeks have an obvious blush constantly, and her pink lips are pulled into a constant smile.

She wears a scruffy green waistcoat and a baggy shirt, with pale skin covered. She wears dark brown, worn trousers and leather shoes - the only metals she wears are the golden buttons and gold trimmings on her waistcoat.

Iris' voice is smooth and polite, compared to her scruffy explorer look. She relies on this to help persuade people to trade with her and, at times, to chat her way out of worrying situations.