Izalith is one of the larger cities under the Empire, with close ties to the Imperial Capital, Locke. It is governed by Lor Nito, the head of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, with the Agency headquarters located in the heart of the city.

Izalith is considered one of the most influential cities in the Empire, and while not heavily fortified, none would dare to attack the city, for fear of the Empire's direct intervention, or for the IIA's indirect response to such actions.


Izalith was not always known as the emblem of Imperial rule, nor was it always known as the most loyal city of the Empire. Indeed, it was not until recently (specifically the formation of the IIA) that propelled the city into global awareness.

Izalith was designed around a central cathedral, built directly into the base of Mt. Nero, dedicated to the patron deity of the settlement, the Goddess of Truth, Videth.

Izalith was originally the birthplace of Consort Marianne, one of the many consorts of King Nathaniel II the Magnificent, but perhaps the most significant of them. Marianne wa


Marianne gave birth to a son named Nito, who would later become one of the most prominent Lors of the Empire.