King Jilliad the Wise, the first King of The Amaranthian Kingdom, is often hailed as the creator of modern-day Amaranthine - especially during the pre-Empire years.

Born Jilliad Magi at some time around 3940PC, he was, as his name suggests, of Magi blood; the very bloodline that exists to Emperor Vincent von Boon , a direct descendant of Jilliad Magi.

Whilst the true story of Jilliad's campaigns throughout Amaranth and Marast are lost to the ages, there are still those who believe that they personally hold a "true" record of these events, although as many include such feats as Jilliad "walking across the ocean from the Heartlands to the beaches of Boon, and travelling back shortly after, dragging the entire continent of Marast in his wake" it is safe to assume that these are little more than tales of legend.

However, what cannot be debated is the records retained from the very first "Census of the Amaranthine", which clearly lists Jilliad the Wise as monarch and supreme ruler of all of Amaranthine.