Full name: Joseph Ainmire Fawkes VII

Alias: Joe

Player: Joe_Self

Title: Grand Inquisitor

Birthplace: <redacted>

Birth Year: 1098KL

Height: 5'11"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Magi

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Patron Divines: Lord Tempis, Lord Stahtis, Lord Xinos, Lady Videth

Hometown: <redacted>

Allegiance: The Empire

the rest to be added later

Joseph Fawkes, as he is known, was born to the main family of House Fawkes. In 332KL House Fawkes was tasked with the upkeep and protection of the royal library and archives, a task they relished. house fawkes family was divided in to the main family and sevral branch familys. the various branch familys had different responsibilitys and tasks required for the up keep of the library, the archives, and all the artifacts within except the recovery acquisition of texts and artifacts witch was solely carried out by the main famly. All the children learn the basic skills needed to help run the library and archives, and after that they go into advanced training based on witch branch family they were with the main family going threw all advanced training.

ainmire was in his second year of advanced training when a large group of psyians and psyian hybrids attacked and occupied the library and the few archive vaults under it. in the attack most members of House fawkes were killed. the only ones to survive were the ones outside the keep used to house the library, on a training mission or working in the archives located outside of the library. most of the orphaned children were adopted into lesser noble familys or taken in by the council, but because of his high station could not do either. so he sought refuge in the fulgur temple were he was trained in hunting those that would defy the natural order and the will of the gods.

the rest to be added later