Full Name: Julius Magus II

Birthplace: Skyedale

Birth Year: 1139KL

Height: 5'10"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Magi

Patron Divine: High Lord Nivicus

Hometown: Ankmere

Alliegence: The Empire

Julius Magus II is the son of Julius Magus, the personal valet for King Caiaphas, who served for the entirity of his reign. The younger Julius Magus was enlisted by von Boon himself and given the title of Steward of Ankmere.

Julius MagusEdit

The only son of Irving Magus, the current Duke of Skyedale, Julius was a timid child. Never finding much skill with neither blade nor Manipulation, he instead lived the life of a scholar, investing all his free time into books. Initially intending to serve in the Grand Library of Boonville, Julius instead pursued an opportunity in Locke as the new Valet to the King (as the old one had been slaughtered along with King Nathaniel).

Being granted the position (some claim due to the fact he was the only Magi present) Julius served the King loyally until the Kings death in 1160KL, returning to Skyedale shortly after to take his rightful position as the Duke of Skyedale following the death of his father, the younger Julius' Grandfather, Irving Magus in 0IR.

Julius Magus IIEdit

Though his father returned to Marast, the younger Julius chose to remain in Locke as he considered Amaranth to be his true home. Being unwed and having no children of his own, Vincent, Julius' Uncle (in Magi terms) took pity on the boy and offered him the official place as Steward of Ankmere, a post he retains until this day. Remaining away from any chance of combat, and serving the Emperor loyally on his frequent visits to Ankmere during the turmoil with the Alliance, Julius continued to study his many tomes, becoming a fairly competent alchemist.

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