Latria is an island town, situated on one of the Teardrop Isles Southwest of Locke.

Originally built as a prison colony, the island now functions as a Volka settlement.

At the height of political tensions with (find something fitting later) the Empire took steps in protecting Locke and it's surrounding interests by building fortresses and docks on nearby islands and archipelagos. As years passed and war became less likely, the forts and docks were abandoned.

The Sincer Volka, in uncharacteristic optimism, took to the island with intent of turning it into a self sufficient trading post. While the empire did not formally bless this repurposing, the powers-that-be chose to ignore the situation. Locke had long since been walled off; impervious to attack from the sea, meaning the island was no longer useful.

It took less than a decade for the Sincer to repurpose the colony into a farming town. The town enjoys relative autonomy and occasional trade with travellers and other islands.

The island now has a total of 11 families working the land, living in homes built in the distinctive Volka style. Alongside these homes, Latria has a tavern, mill and church. These were built in addition to the existing lighthouse and fort, the latter being still locked and abandoned.

Notable inhabitants include a certain Samael Reeve, current acting mayor for the Teardrop isles.