Full Name: Leon Julius von Boon

Alias: Balthazaar

Player: PraeditusDeus

Title: Emperor

Birthplace: Boonville

Birth Year: 1002KL

Height: 6'0"

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Magi

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Patron Divine(s): High Lord Nivicus

Hometown: Locke

Alliegence: The Empire


Alexander von Boon (Father, Deceased)

Eliza von Boon (Mother, Deceased)

Vincent von Boon (Brother, Deceased)

Rose von Boon (Sister, Deceased)

Leon von Boon was born in 1002KL in his family home at Boonville, being the older twin of his and Vincent's sister, Rose von Boon. Inheriting his dark hair from his mother's Ortharian blood, Leon is the first von Boon to have been born without blond hair. In addition, Leon was born with pale eyes, more akin to those of an aged Magi than a young one. As such, he was often considered more mature than his sister.

Whilst not given a peerage like his older brother, Leon still benefited from the privileges that came with being a von Boon, gaining great training as a warrior. Whilst not as innately talented with Aether Manipulation as his kin, Leon made up for this minor deficiency with what was often called "strength and cunning akin to that of a Firas". Indeed, Leon von Boon participated in tournaments in Boonville from the age of 14, never losing a fight.

At age 21, with much influence from his father, Leon von Boon joined the Unified Kingdom Air Force, eventually raising to the rank of Sky Captain. It was during this period that Leon von Boon made a name for himself, and came to be known as "Balthazaar", "Wise Guard" in Simplified Old-Tongue.

As Sky Captain, Leon took part in Operation Heretic, ordered in as mere transport and air support, but choosing to take to the ground to fight. Despite injuries, Leon was successful in aiding the ground forces in the defeat of the Psyian forces. However, upon returning to Locke, Leon von Boon was formally disciplined for disobeying direct orders, leading to his resignation of his post.

However, his distance from the Air Force was short lived, as shortly after Operation Heretic, the head of the Air Force was arrested on suspicion of corruption and committed suicide before the case could be brought to trial. As such, Leon was requested to return to the Air Force by King Caiaphas himself, taking the position of Sky Marshal from the newly deceased.

It was after the formation of the Unified Empire of Amaranthine that Leon von Boon gained his most prominent posts. Named both Lor of Locke and the Imperial Regent, Leon was essentially named the Second-in-Command of the Empire, responsible for any and all matters in the absence of the Emperor himself.

Leon is best described as "loyal", to both his family and his leaders. Willing to put anything on the line to ensure stability, he is very similar in many regards to his older brother. However, unlike Vincent, Leon has a short temper and is adamant that respect should be given where it is deserved. This should not, however, be mistaken for a dislike of people. Leon does what he does to ensure that both the individual and the Empire grow stronger, and sees that his word is kept when it is given. Being pure of heart, but willing to take risks when the result would bring a greater good, Leon occasionally finds himself viewed negatively - at least in private, as his honour would see that any speaking out openly about him are dealt with swiftly, with full legal discourse.

Following the death of his brother Vincent, Leon ascended to the position of Emperor of Amaranthine.

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