Locke is the capital city of The Empire, and formerly the capital city of The Old Kingdom.


Founded in 1KL by King Jilliad himself, Locke was initially created to be a hub at the center of the newly founded Kingdom. At the time housing only a few hundred individuals and having very limited trade routes, Locke prospered only due to the unwavering efforts of King Jilliad, and by the time of his death, King Dracerat had inherited a sprawling city, teeming with life. Whilst the founding of the Kingdom gave birth to Locke, Locke gave the Kingdom the position it sought as the new super-power of Amaranthine .

The End of the KingdomEdit

By the time of King Vlad's reign in 567KL, Locke had found itself as the technological centre of Amaranthine. Trade routes were now beyond common place, and mere mention of Locke created an air of awe and pride.

When the first Council headquarters were established within Locke, officially bringing the Council of the Aether within the control of the Kingdom, Locke also became the central hub for Mages.

Very little changed between then and the rule of King Caiaphas in 1118KL, bar the creation of the Teleportal network in 996KL. This new network allowed for methods of transport thus unbelievable; instantaneous travel between Locke and anywhere else on Amaranthine with a portal. Though this system was not without flaws, it created a network of tourism which allowed Locke to further grow.

On the orders of King Odeph in 955KL, the four Aether reactors of Locke saw themselves completed in 1005KL, 50 years after their commission. This allowed for the final years of Nathaniel's rule to be a time beyond prosperous, and when Caiaphas finally ascended to the throne following his father's death, this new system made life easy for the residents of Locke.

The Imperial CapitalEdit

However, this system also created an epidemic of lethargy throughout Locke. This allowed Vincent von Boon to convert the capital to his own uses upon his coming to power. None would oppose his rule, lest they lose the benefits of Aetheric Energy .

Under the Imperial rule, very little changed, beyond one single notable fact. The castle at the center of Locke which had acted as the home for the Kings of past was converted into what is now known as The Imperial Keep. It is here that Emperor von Boon resides, meets with his Lors and watches over all of Amaranthine.