The Magi are considered to be the most "noble" of the bloodlines on all of Amaranthine. Being inherently gifted in the ways of Manipulation the Magi are also amongst the most powerful, both in terms of strength and diplomacy.

Claiming to be the first Amaranthians born from the Divines, and those blessed by the High Lord Nivicus himself, the Magi found their place as the natural leaders of Amaranthine. Being more fond of raising a glass than a blade, their talent for speechcraft is renowned, though their prowess in combat is also well noted.

The Magi are, generally speaking, a very enclosed group with many choosing not to procreate outside their own bloodline. Whilst many often mistake this for inbreeding, it is not the case - whilst most often "cousins" will marry to create a family, this is by Magi terminology, not direct family relations (see below).

Due to this, beyond the existance of a few Hybrids, the Magi bloodline has remained pure and central around the point of their relation to the Divine - that is to say, there are no notable Magi "clans", simply the Magi.

Whilst it has already been stated that there is no direct inbreeding (this is considered a taboo amongst Magi as it is throughout all society) all Magi, if they trace their heritage back far enough, will find a direct line of Magi Purebloods leading to Jilliad Magi, the first King of Amaranthine. This herigate was a source of pride for many Magi, just as with those who can trace their lines to Emperor von Boon now.


The Magi have no strict terms for extended family. Whilst this does not equate to a minsunderstanding of it, they simply see no need for terms such as "2nd Cousin", instead choosing to refer to one another in a manner more befitting of a direct family. As such, an individual with no immediate connection may still be referred to as "cousin", "uncle" or "nephew".

This is a tradition the Magi have been following for many generations - at least since the time of Jilliad Magi, if not earlier - and it is claimed to strengthen relations between the Magi (just as a group of Warriors may call each other "brother").

Whilst certain members of the Magi bloodline ARE directly related (Alexander von Boon was the direct brother of King Nathaniel, and as such Caiaphas and Nito are direct cousins of Vincent von Boon) most connections in the modern times are little more than ancient lines.

To confuse matters further, the Magi are very closely entwined with the Gifted community, with many Magi choosing to take the High Lords Gift. This creates situations in which two individuals who have an age gap of centuries may call one another by close titles - William Javert was known as Vincent von Boon's "Uncle", despite being over 700 years older.


The Magi culture is generally one of riches and hedonism. Great socialisers, many Magi are very rarely found without a drink in hand and a story to tell. However, there is also an inherent prejudice amongst the Magi. Many consider the Common-Blooded races - Amaranth and Volka - to be inferior to the Magi and treat them as such. Whilst more uncommon amongst modern Magi, this deep-rooted racism is still a cause of concern for many.

The Firas and Fulgur see no such prejudice - whilst still seen as inferior, they are both trustworthy allies and often considered as the "Heirs to the Magi".

However, amongst all the Bloodlines, it is those of Pyian Blood that conflict primarily with the Magi. Having what is referred to as "Dirty Blood" the Psyian's are considered to be the bane of Amaranthine and the lowest form of life. This has led to many conflicts, the most notable being Operation Heretic, which led to the destruction of Balseraph.

Though it is increasingly uncommon, the Magi were the only Bloodline able to speak in the Old-Tongue - the language of the Divines. Seemingly further proving their position as the "Chosen" race, this talent has faded over many geneations, with only four individuals being listed on the Imperial Census as able to speak it - Vincent von Boon, Leon von Boon, Joseph Fawkes and William K. Javert. Whilst the reasons for this decrease in numbers is debated, it is most likely simply due to the growth in popularity over what is now known as "The Common Language".

Notable MagiEdit

Vincent von Boon - Emperor

Leon von Boon - Lor of Locke

Joseph Fawkes VII - Grand Inquisitor of the Council of the Aether

William K. Javert - CEO of AetherTech

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