Full Name: Nelliel

Alias: Nel

Player: purplemangos

Title: N/A

Birthplace: ~

Birth Year: 1135KL

Height: 5'4"

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Fulgur-Amaranth

Patron Divines: High Lord Nivicus, Lord Xinos, Lord Luctus, Lord Stahtis

Hometown: Locke

Alliegence: The Empire



Nelliel was born with a Fulgur mother and an Amaranth for a father. She led a noble life and was considered the greatest and most blessed child among her family tree. She had always been gifted and also had great speechcraft abilities. She quickly became an elite among students and was considered to be among best in archery and a skilled user in aether when she was only 15. She was to be married into another family but she strongly refused the engagement. She claimed she could not ever love the man and that enraged them. One night, Nelliel’s family was brutally murdered by Firas assassins hired by the enraged nobles. Nelliel was lucky enough to escape death but she lost everything after that. A mysterious, and gifted woman had saved her during her time of need and decided to take her in. Before long, Nelliel fell in love with this woman. One day Nelliel woke up only to realize that the woman had left her, on her 18th birthday. Nelliel has been on her own since then and now seeks refuge in an Empire city named Locke. Nelliel has a growing hatred of the Firas and continues her training in order to become a high ranking officer in the Imperial Army and hunt down the assassins that took away her family. She also hopes to one day see the woman she first fell in love with years ago.