Full Name: Nikolah Celesté

Alias: Nikole

Player: BekNeave

Birthplace: Izalith

Birth Year: 1138KL

Height: 5'6"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divines: Lady Videth, Lord Stahtis

Hometown: Pontmercy

Alliegence: The Alliance


Rikado Celesté (Father)

Elizabeth Celesté (Mother)

Aletheia Hybreos (Cousin)


From her childhood, Nikolah had always been friendly to whoever she met. She was taught to respect her fellow Fulgur, and any Magi she happened to come across. "Them common blooded... be warey of them." she was occasionally told whenever any came into her parents shop. "Keep a close eye on them, and our stock." As she started to grow a little older, she slowly started to realise how difficult it would be to listen to them. Ever since, this unknown cousin showed up. They hated her, but Nikole didn't understand why. Was it really because she was half Amaranth blood... or is it something deeper? All she knew is that her cousin Alethia was a good person. She became good friends with her, much to her parent's disagreement. They started disallowing her to go outside, to stop Nikole from being in any contact with her. She had to learn tricks and sneakery to get out unnoticed. However, it was soon getting too much. In her anger, she just packed up and left for good, only leaving a note to her cousin, explaining that she had to leave Izalith. She stumbled upon a small settlement called Mikadel, she remembered it as a place she used to visit with her parents when she was young. It had changed a lot since then.. but she made a home there. It was shortly after this that events where set into motion which would change her life forever...