Full Name: Nito

Title: Lor

Player: ExPerson

Birthplace: Izalith

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Half-Magi

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Patron Divines: Lady Videth, Lord Nemors

Hometown: Izalith

Allegiance: The Empire


King Caiaphas (Half-brother, deceased)

King Nathaniel (Father, deceased)


Nito is one of Vincent von Boon's closest advisors. He serves as one of the four Lors under the Emperor, along with Lor VonCreeper, Lor Michalis and Lor Von Boon.


Considered an anomaly even amongst the other Lors, he did not make a court appearance until after the death of his brother, King Caiaphas, the Ex-Person.

Indeed, Lor Nito is the bastard son of King Nathaniel and thus the half-brother of his son, Caiaphas.

Aside from the Emperor Himself, Nito is the only one of the previous King's family to have survived his bloody reign. He has thus far declined to comment on his personal history, leaving the method of his survival against the odds a mystery.

However, according to rumors that have been circulating recently, after the death of his mother at the hands of <<ERROR::DATA REDACTED::CONTACT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR>> which led to his fervent loyalty to the Emperor.

Following the death of his half-brother, Lor Nito inexplicably made an official court appearance, backed by the Emperor Himself.

Many of the ruling nobles despise him for his bastard status, but due to his rather high stature in the Empire, none have the opportunity to question him.


Lor Nito is a shrewd and quiet man, not prone to speaking out about his opinion on current events. Ever the brooding man, he is always deep in thought and is cautious towards any he meets. He is not easily swayed, and he examines agreements closely. Fittingly, Lor Nito heads the Imperial Intelligence Agency, the eyes and ears of the Empire, dealing with Imperial issues from within and without.

He is a perfect gentleman, even to his foes. He treats everyone he meets with respect, even if they may not deserve it. Even as morally ambiguous as he may seem, he has never once broken his polite demeanor

He is an adherent to the Lords of Truth and Death, Videth and Nemors, also the patron deities of the IIA.

He is noted for being fiercely loyal to the Emperor, carrying out orders without a second thought.