Name: High Lord Nivicus

Title: High Lord of the Divines, God of All Things, Yet Nothing

Element: None

High Lord Nivicus exists as a somewhat bizarre exception within the deities of Amaranthine. Whilst each of The Sixteen has a property, be it tangible or intangible, High Lord Nivicus exists simply to be.

Holding the title of High Lord, Nivicus is perhaps the closest thing to a "leader" within the Gods. Indeed, whilst Amaranthine is primarily controlled by the combined efforts of each of The Sixteen, existence itself is maintained by the High Lord.

Providing both this assurance that existence continues, and also some form of order amongst the other deities (it is known, or at least presumed, that The Sixteen hold Nivicus in high regard - for a variety of reasons, unique to each deity) it is unclear just what "powers" Nivicus holds.

Given that, as with the other deities, Nivicus has never personally entered into combat with either a member of The Sixteen or with anything mortal, his strength is unknown, but presumed immense. The only ability that is known, yet also only partially understood, is Nivicus' ability to grant The Gift.

The GiftEdit

Unlike any other member of The Sixteen, who may grant their blessings to their followers in times of need, High Lord Nivicus can actively grant his devoted with great powers. By imbuing some of his own Aetheric Energy into an individual, Nivicus can bestow upon a mortal what is known as The Gift. Bringing with it both unique strengths and weaknesses, The Gift is looked upon as both a blessing and a curse, depending on ones outlook.

Whilst not bringing with it any increase in physical strength (a matter that is inherently reliant on an individual body; as the body is still mortal, so too is the strength portrayed) the Aetheric Energy does alter certain characteristics of the body. In particular, a Gifted individual may find that their body no longer relies on food for nourishment. However, this does come at a cost; as the foreign Aetheric Energy is allowed to spread freely throughout the body, it must be diluted with common blood to prevent the Gifted individual essentially dematerializing themself from the inside. This creates the first weakness of the Gifted, albeit one that primarily affects the newer, "younger" Gifted individuals; they are akin to the "Vampires" of lore, losing all former morals and reasoning when the lust for blood takes over - indeed, it is likely that the tales of Vampires were, in fact, tales about Gifted individuals.

As with food, the Aether Energy can sustain the body without oxygen for hours, days, even eternally with "elderly" Gifted. As such, Gifted individuals can survive underwater or in cramped spaces with relatively little threat. Likewise, the Aetheric Energy prevents the mortal body from aging, resulting in nigh-immortality. It is additionally worth noting that the Gifted body is unable to process most prepared foods; a minor concern given that the Gifted individual no longer requires sustenance of the likes that food can provide.

Whilst it is likely that The Gifted have further strengths and weaknesses, none are recorded as having been successfully documented in a formal testing environment.