Full Name: Roland Whitelander

Alias: Roland

Player: Mrcowcow77

Title: None

Birthplace: Out at Sea

Birth Year: 1139KL

Height: 5'10"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Amaranth

Patron Divine: Lord Stahtis

Hometown: Mikadel

Alliegence: The Alliance


Brother (Unknown)

Father (Deceased)

Mother (Deceased)


I grew up on my fathers boat and lived on it untill one day the empire's soldiers tried to take our weekly catch that we were planning on trading with our boat for an actual house but my father wouldnt let them and fought back but there were too many and they took us in for execution but i escaped and i had to watch my father and mother get hung but my brother was not i have never known what happened to him. So now i have sworn my life to destroying the empire.