Samael Reeve

Full Name: Samael Reeve

Alias: Sam, Reeve

Player: Tarquinevi

Title: Mayor

Birthplace: Locke

Birth Year: [Later]

Height: 6'2"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Volka (Adoptive. Born Amaranth)

Patron Divine(s): Imperito, Videth

Hometown: Isle of Latria

Alliegence: Outsider


Son of Helios Geld, Gideon Evi

Nephew of Solios Geld

Samael Reeve, born Tarquin E'vierre Geld, is the son of Helios Geld and Gideon Evi (the architects behind the Locke Aether reactors and the MAKO process). Tarquin was taken from his parents at a young age, due the death of his father and madness of his mother - Tarquin was placed in the care of Solios Geld, his paternal uncle. Displeased with his uncle's strict regimens in the study of engineering, magic and religion, Tarquin stole away into the night at the age of **.

Tarquin was found starving in the barn of a volka family on the island of Latria. As he was unable to survive on his own and was not forthcoming on his identity, he was named Samael and taken in as a ward of the village. Raised by commoners, he found his rhythym in farming and repair work for the village, quickly becoming a local favourite for his kind nature and prenatural skill with all things mechanical. In his coming-of-age ceremony, he was given the family name of Reeve, after the original protectors and curators who first inhabited the island.

Now a young man, Samael helps maintain and run the town he was brought up in. He still harbours a desire to see his mother, but his embarassment with leaving Locke prevents him from approaching Solios and the rest of his family.

Samael has an inherited affinity with machinery and a penchant for creation. He also shows great promise in the fields of magic, possibly due to his parent's exposure to aether particles before his birth. Samael openly prays to Imperito, as is the Volka way, he is known to turn to Videth in times of need, and finds strange comfort in the Goddess of Truth.

Samael seems to have inherited the Amaranthian love of art and culture from his forbears, having a great interest in painting and history. Exploring the drowned Tower of Art near Latria is a continuing desire of his.

Samael maintains his home in the town of Latria and has thusfar had little need to side with either the Alliance or the Empire. If forced, he would likely lean toward the Empire, due to favourable geographical location and the lenience shown to Latria's independence in the past.

As time went on, Samael became a proficient arms dealer for the Empire, supplying weapons armour and weapons to the Huntics of Arthedain.

His political and personal profile fell out of Imperial favour during the hunt for the Book of the Dead due to supposed sedition and rumoured deals with rebel groups.

He was assassinated while under watch from IIA assassins. The assassin utilised a momentary distraction at a public court case to lead him outside and strike him down.

With his death, the fate of Latria hangs in the balance.