Sekifrost is the realm of the Battlebound, and their leading clan the Ornolfson.


Ancient Times & Old KingdomEdit

Many of Sekheimos' followers, were of a different breed than the Von Boons and the people of Boonville, thus they travelled far to the frozen wilds. These people were a bit more primitive, though by personal choice, and also had a harsher form of tongue than the more eloquent people in town. The area became settled and known as Sekifrost, and it's people became the known as Battlebound. They were not savage war-mongers, but believed that man's boiling blood called for the glory of battle, and that to die by the fist, axe, or sword, was the greatest honor to their chosen god, Sekheimos .

Though most of the natural life in this area was left unpeturbed, small cottages, huts, and the like sprang up around the area. Notably, there was a meadhall called the Heimholl, where the locals would gather every morning for their daily commune and Sekheimos worship, and then nightly for song, drink, dance, and brawling.