Full Name: Shreak Liuka

Alias: Shreak

Player: VoidKrow

Title: N/A

Birthplace: ~

Birth Year: 1140KL

Height: 5'9"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Firas

Alignment: True Neutral

Patron Divines: Lord Noctus, Lord Nemors

Hometown: ~

Alliegence: Alliance

Relations: Unknown


Shreak Liuka grew up as an orphan in a lawless neighborhood. She learned how to fight and survive in the harsh environment. Soon, her skills became known throughout the underground society. She became a swords-for-hire at an early age. However, after receiving a job to kill a nobleman and finding out he was actually a young child, she did the deed but she could not bear to see what she had done. She decided to blindfold herself for the rest of her life so she would no longer be able to see anything she’d ever have to do. Her jobs required her to work in the dark many times so she had gotten used to using all of the other senses. She met Alucard Vanguard during a mission and his wild and carefree nature annoyed her. However, she acknowledged his skills in combat and when she discovered he was a mercenary, they became quick rivals. Competition became a major part of their lives and they are usually seen taking jobs requiring them to battle. Thus, they are usually in nearby towns or cities. After a series of events, she was recruited into the Alliance where she had many tales and adventures. Author of a series of books called "Shreak's Log". The series tell of the adventures of her travel while finding a mysterious island in which she called "covered in the mist of wonder". The series of books tells of the coordinates of where she had been and she wrote about the locations. The logs are separated by days and contains information about her travels.

To this day, she is known to still be on adventure and journeying in order to find it ..................................... ...........................................(She died but know one knows)

The GiftEdit

One day, Shreak happened across Alucard at a bad time. He was in the process of infecting people with the Gift. Shreak was accidently infected. Unusually, her blood seems to had rejected the infection but for a few days, she was suffering from the severe pain that came with the infection. In this process, she saw visions of Nivicus, strange dreams, and heard whispers. Instead of becoming infected, she decided to go to an Altar of Purification. However, as this process went on, she began developing a dislike for the Gifted. She calls herself the Anti-Gift for her dislike.