The Alliance is a group that follows the cause of Father.

"Father" is the official moniker adopted by the individual who was responsible for the creation, formation and organisation of the group of rebels and freethinkers known as The Alliance. Whilst little is known about the individual known as "Father", it is presumed that only two people knew their identity; the man who was often considered the main advisor within the Alliance, the Psyian known as Tondier, and secondly the man who would be responsible for their death - Emperor Vincent von Boon.

The Original AllianceEdit

The "Original" Alliance was formed by Father, and the position of the leader of the Alliance was passed to Nikolah, through Tondier's approval, when Father died. When Nikolah died, control was passed over to U'ma. However, Tondier joined the side of The Seekers which lead to "The Crumbling".

The CrumblingEdit

The Crumbling was the period in which The Alliance slowly died out. With Tondier gone and the Imperials on the Alliance's feet, U'ma had no choice but to join the Empire, in which he asked all The Alliance members to join him. Silvia De Metras, an enemy  of The Alliance, in turn, created a new group, The Phantom Omen. Silvia De Metras was killed after storming Stormentarn with The Phantom Omen. Kai En, second-in-command, was left to lead The Phantom Omen, which quickly disbanded.

The Alliance was on the verge of extinction, leaving only a few Alliance members, of which most had joined The Empire, or had turned their backs on the war entirely. However, there were still a few old Alliance members who seeked to fight for the Father's cause.

The New AllianceEdit

New Alliance
The Alliance was revived by Zackaria Valentina. He founded the Alliance in his quest to fight for Father's cause. soon after it's creation, the Alliance started recruiting members. Amongst these members were both members of the Alliance before Zackaria's revived vision and after. Soon the Alliance began its conquest to defeat the Seekers and then focus on The Empire, bringing peace to the whole of Amaranthine!
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