It is considered that even the mightiest of today's warriors would pale in comparison to the legends of old, and one such tale is The Duel on Frozen Peak.

The TaleEdit

The Huntics and Battlebound were not always a part of the legendary friendship they share today. In fact, they were enemies of a bitter sort. They fought rather constantly, perhaps due to the Firas blood that drove them, or perhaps for another reason. It is no longer remember why, but the penultimate battle of this conflict came to a duel challenge, issued by "Eagle" Eómer Huntic, directly to Ornolf the Mighty.

Both of their fighting prowess was considered nigh unmatched at the time, so thus a duel between an eagle and a wolf began. Sword met axe, blood met steel. Their duel travelled across the land until they began to traverse the Frozen Mountain itself, meeting at it's peak. there they dueled for twelve days and nights, one never besting the other, until they could swing their weapons no more. Finally admitting the stalemate, the two rejoiced in their battle and returned from the fight as friends. The two clans became allies, and after some much needed rest, celebrated with a feast of twelve days and nights as well.

This is the explanation as to why the Huntic and Battlebound are forever sworn allies, from now throughout time.