The Unified Empire of Amaranthine, more commonly known as simply The Empire is the successor to what is now referred to as The Old Kingdom. Created by Vincent von Boon shortly after the death of King Caiaphas, it is the current ruling body of Amaranthine.

Upon his ascension to the throne, marked by the death of his cousin, Caiaphas Cardemonde, and returning Amaranthine's Kingdom to the rightful ruling family (Vincent von Boon's father, Alexander von Boon was the rightful King upon the death of King Nathaniel , his brother) it was believed that King Vincent "Shieldheart" would oversee the reversal of many of King Caiaphas' less popular acts.

On the contrary, however, Vincent von Boon refused to accept the title of King, but instead used his newly gained position as ruler to abolish the Kingdom and immediately establish The Empire.

Branches of PowerEdit

The EmperorEdit

The Emperor exists as the de facto leader of The Empire, and holds power over all avenues of life and business therewith. This position of power, unchallenged by election, marks Vincent von Boon's position at the head of all within Amaranthine.

As with the lineage of The Old Kingdom, should anything happen to the current Emperor, power would immediately be passed on to the closest living member of the Magi lineage.

The LorsEdit

The Lors are individuals who serve directly under Emperor Vincent von Boon. As with his position, they remain unchallenged by election, and are positions of right and priviledge. Whilst each Lor governs a specific sector of Amaranthine, the general powers each holds is equal to one another.

See The Lors for further details.

The PartyEdit

The Party marks the Empires connection with the common citizens. They are positions of power within the Government that are regularly contested in election, and each position provides the elected Minister with various powers and duties.

See The Party for further details.