The Four Furies are ancient weapons, once carried by Ornolf the Mighty. They are Battlebound treasures, though the Sword of Battlefury was offered to by Greth Ornolfson to Vincent Von Boon as a part of the parlance of peace between the Battlebound and the Empire.

The Four Furies are considered to be weapons of immeasurable power, and can only be wielded by warriors of extreme skill, though they are not often brought onto the battlefield. They are considered to be unfit for battle in this era.

The Axe of WinterfuryEdit

The axe once held by Ornolf is considered by his surviving people to be the symbol of his kin, and as such, it is passed down to every first son of the Ornolfson clan. The one who holds it is considered the Battlelord, and as such, the few times a Battelord has not been an Ornolfson, the axe has rightly passed between them.

The Sword of BattlefuryEdit

If the axe was Ornolf's right hand, the sword was his left... literally. Ornolf was one of the few successful duel wielding warriors of ancient Amaranth, and as such, this was his preferred sidearm. It is a weapon that, through age, has also gained immeasureable power. It is now the symbol of alliance between the Empire and Battlebound, and as such, is owned by Vincent Von Boon.

The Bow of FurystrikeEdit

The Scythe of ThunderfuryEdit

An ancient manual labor tool that Ornolf wielded when farming, one day while doing so Sekifrost was attacked by an ancient dragon. Using only this tool, Ornolf slay the beast, whose blood charged with the weapon strength. After that time, it was passed between Ornolf and Eómer Huntic as a symbol of friendship between the Huntics and Ornolfson.