The Huntic clan is the ruling clan over the city of Arthedain

They're currently in service of the Empire in the Alliance/Empire conflict.


During the Kingdom Lineage Era,"Eagle" Eómer founded Arthedain, What originally intented to be a guild for Veteran Hunters and Champions grew out to be a powerful Clan. The Main Branch is descendant of Eómer, Including Lor Michalis.

Eómer met Ornolf of the Battlebound at one point, And they Eventually became Warbrothers. Creating an Alliance between the Two clans that still exists today.


Young Huntics are trained from young age, And have Extremely high standards especially the main branch.Main Branch children are often considered Master Swordmen at the age of 12 by Outsiders, While they're still apprentices by the Clan Itself. Eventhough the Huntic Training is considered "'Spartan"" they're not above luxury,infact Arthedain is technologically quite advanced.