The Imperial Armed Forces (IAF) is the name given to the main ground-based branch of the Imperial Army. Whilst the Imperial Maritime Force and the Imperial Sky Brigade exist to deal with specific threats and are called only when needed, the Imperial Armed Forces are maintained even during periods of peace, and as such are ready to dispatch at any time.

Originally formed from the remains of the military of the Old Kingdom, the IAF retains many of the old traditions and ranks, but now swear fealty to the Emperor in the Oath, making them more akin to a personal army than a univeral army. However, unlike the IIA, they are not required to deal with most internal concerns, except during states of emergency.



Soldiers form the bulk of the Imperial Army. Often paired with another soldier during missions. Very rarely, a single soldier may be sent as a Scout, should a member of the IIA not be present with them.


This term describes any individual who has attained the rank of Lieutenant through to Commander. Whilst usually attained through groundwork, the title of Officer can be given formally to any individual who has previously performed great tasks or other such feats in such a way as to further the controls or ensure the stability of the Empire. The most recent example of such formality is Commander Ornolfson.

Lt. GeneralEdit

Lt. General's mark the highest rank any individual may reach within the IAF. Whilst it is rare for an individual to reach this rank, for those who have shown continued success in their missions and have the traits necessary for leadership, it is a real possibility.

A Lt. General would answer only to their commanding General or to the Emperor himself


A Dragoon marks a member of the Imperial Armed Forces who, as well as showing great leadership, also possesses both great strength and intelligence. Marking the Elite members of the IAF, all Dragoons must be at least Officers.

The Dragoons are chosen by the Emperor himeslf, and as such answer only to him.