The Lors are Emperor Vincent von Boon's most trusted advisors. Taken from his closest allies, these three men are amongst the most powerful in all of Amaranthine - at least politically.

Holding their ranks not only through blessing but also talent, each is highly capable in their own chosen profession, rivaling if not going beyond feats capable by the strongest individuals in each.

Whilst the Lors each rule over their own province, enforcing whatever laws and rules they see fit, ultimately they each answer to the Emperor.

In addition to their roles as leader figures, each of the Lors has a spot as one of the Five Judges, along with the Emperor and the Grand Inquisitor. These Five Judges procide over the Imperial Court in Locke, should a case is called there.

Lor von BoonEdit

Leon von Boon is the younger brother of Emperor Vincent von Boon. Like his brother, he is a Gifted Magi.

Unlike the other three Lors, Lor von Boon is not officially connected to any specific organisation, but rather spends much of his time in Locke acting as the personal advisor of Emperor von Boon. However, as in his youth Lor von Boon was a Captain in the Amaranthian Air Force, it is suspected that he now holds some ties to the Imperial Sky Brigade.

Lor NitoEdit

Nito, the half-brother of King Caiaphas, acts as leader of the Imperial Intelligence Agency. Whilst little is known of Nito's personal life, he is known to be, like the other Lors, inherently loyal to the Emperor. However, just why he was placed at the head of the IIA, and if he had any training in espionage prior thereto is unknown.

Lor VonCreeperEdit

Azruhkal vonCreeper exists as an anomaly within the Lors, and within the Empire itself. Being of Psyian blood, in his youth he was regularly looked over for promotion within the Council. However, one one occasion a duel was witnessed by the then Grand Inquisitor Vincent von Boon, in which vonCreeper, classed only a lowly Magician at the time, single-handedly defeated an Inquisitor. It was at this point that Vincent von Boon took vonCreeper as an Apprentice of sorts, promoting him to an Inquisitor despite many complaints.

When Vincent von Boon was asked to ascend to the throne of the Old Kingdom, many expected him to name vonCreeper as his successor to the position of Grand Inquisitor. However, much to the delight of many, he instead chose a pure-blooded Magi Inquisitor, Joseph Fawkes, as his successor.

Many would have not expected, however, for vonCreeper to then be offered a place in the new government.

Upon the resignation of Wolf Michalis Huntic, formerly known as Lor Michalis, control of the IAF was passed onto Lor VonCreeper.