The Myrmillos are a division of the Finest Imperial Warriors led by Lor Michalis. The Myrmillos are often considered blessed by The God of War: Lord Sekheimos himself. To be a Myrmillo is one of the greatest honours an Imperial Soldier can receive, and thus they are held in high regard

General InfoEdit

The Myrmillos are mostly made up out of Firas Warriors, and are considered one of the most, if not the most, effective Warriors. They're often sent to the Frontlines, cutting their way into the enemy's ranks.

Joining the MyrmillosEdit

To be able to join the Myrmillos, One must be quite high ranked in The Imperial Army, and show unmatched fighting skill, On rare occasions The Myrmillos might also directly recruit someone out of a low rank, if they show extraordinary fighting skill.


The Myrmillos anwser only to Lor Michalis, Or Emperor von Boon Himself, and thus an order coming from any other General could simply be ignored.