Often referred to as "The Party", the eight Government Ministers exist to officially tie the general citizens of The Empire and the Government itself together. However, many would argue that these positions exist for only two reasons, neither of which is the strengthening of the tie between The Empire and the general public.

Firstly, some Ministers are said to exist for little more reason than appeasing the public without providing any true benefit; an official face on an issue - a useless connection to the people, with no regards to the actual effectiveness of such a position. This argument is further verified by the occasional period during which no Ministers exist for a certain position with little disruption to the day-to-day activities of The Empire.

However, such an arguement does not take into consideration the many powers that these individuals are granted within their particular field. These powers, surpassed only by the Lors and Emperor, provide the right for these individuals to make great changes to improve the general living conditions of potentially millions of Amaranthians, so many would argue that it may not be the positions, but rather those elected to them, that are at fault for the appearance of lethargy.

Secondly, and with specific regards to the position of Minister of Aetheric Affairs, some raise the suggestion that positions exists solely to blur the line between what is truly Governmental business, and what is either intended to exist as a seperate body or matters that go against the Imperial Codex directly. The primary point raised is that, whilst many of the positions have seen various Ministers be replaced by others, even during the 24 months the Empire has been in power, the seat for the Minister of Aetheric Affairs has only ever been won by a single individual - Grand Inquisitor Joseph Fawkes. The argument that the Council of the Aether is intended to exist as a seperate body to any Government is moot; the Council still does exist as it's own body, and has not been absorbed into the Empire as it could have perhaps been. Additionally, it is just bad luck, perhaps, that every alternate candidate for that seat has had to be incarcerated under Clause 5 of The Imperial Codex.

The MinistersEdit


Responsible firstly for all monetary situations throughout the Empire, the Chancellor is required to maintain the stability of both the banks of Amaranthine, and the funding provided to both the towns and the Empire itself.

Secondly, the Chancellor is also responsible for the connection between the Empire and the Party, the Empire and the Citizens and the Party and the Citizens.

The current Chancellor is: NULL

Minister of AlterationEdit

Responsible for preparing the Empire for any immediate changes, the Ministry of Alteration, led by the Minister of Alteration must maintain stability throughout the Empire. This is primarily done by bringing in randomly selected individuals as a testing scope, and ensuring that they are prepared for any immediate threats. Nobody beyond those involved in this process are entirely sure what is involved in these tests, and those that have passed through are unable to speak of it.

The current Minister of Alteration is: Commander Greth Ornolfson

Minister of ReconstructionEdit

Responsible for directly controling any "projects of Restoration". It is commonly misconstrued that this is in direct reference to building refurbishments, although they have been directly involved in any architecture.

Rather, the Minister of Reconstruction is responsible for the overall health of the Empire and it's citizens. Designed primarily to aid in any situation that may occur as a result of a major attack, commonly referred to as "Operation Reconstruction", it is the duty of the Ministry to ensure that everything is prepared for such an occasion.

The current Minister of Reconstruction is: NULL

Minister of ArmsEdit

Responsible for "small-scale trade and the assurance of supplies throughout the Empire" the Minister of Arms is primarily a diplomat for trade with Outsider towns, but is also responsible for ensuring the productivity of internal merchants and workers.

The current Minister of Arms is: NULL

Minister of DefenceEdit

Responsible for "small-scale assurances of neutrality from potential threats" the Minister of Defence is primarily a diplomat for neutrality or alliance with Outsider towns, but is also responsible for ensuring the preparation of local garrisons placed by Lor Michalis.

The current Minister of Defence is: NULL

Minister of EnergyEdit

Responsible for ensuring the production and distribution of Aetheric Energy throughout The Empire and allies, the Minister of Energy holds a position of power within the commercial districts of Amaranthine. Being granted access to any commericial or residential building (pending a warrant from the relevant Lor) it is the responsibility of the Minister to ensure that all buildings meet specific regulations.

The current Minister of Energy is: NULL

Minister of IncarcerationEdit

Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all jail facilities throughout the Empire, the Minister of Incarceration is responsible for the archival of all prisoners brought in, and also ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them.

The current Minister of Incarceration is: NULL

Minister of Aetheric AffairsEdit

Responsible for the control of various matters throughout Amaranthine, given the fact that this position has never been successfully contested, it is sometimes difficult to see where the Government responsibilities end and other external responsibilities begin. Officially, the Minister of Aetheric Affairs is reported as being "Responsible for ensuring the healthy working relationship between the Governing Body and the Council of the Aether".

The current Minister of Aetheric Affairs is: Joseph Fawkes