Hooded Riedow

Never think that ghost isn't real...

Full Name: Reeidou Vankulth Mercer

Alias: Riedow, SkullKid, Forest Child, Rie, The Wanderer <- mostly called

Player: Riedow

Title: None

Birthplace: Tower Savior

Birth Year: 1141KL

Height: 6'4"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Psyian-Amaranth

Patron Divines: Lord Imperito, Lord Stahtis, Lord Kelaran, Lady Cinix

Hometown: Tower Savior

Alliegence: The Alliance



Riedow always was different than his brothers and sisters, different from his people. Riedow had ventured out of his tower facility and ventured into the land. He became a man of the forest, or a child, he gained two names, while he was a peaceful boy he was called "Forest Child." as he became older, and men would begin to attack him for cash, or loot he could be holding onto, he gained the name "SkullKid" suddenly known for attacking men who dared venture to him and leading others a stray to get them lost. He grew up as we all do and returned to his orginal name. He now fights for the causes he see's fit, hoping one day his people may come to the surface as well, and live out their dark lives in the sun instead of the cold dark underground maybe even find a way for his parents to return home. His parents before he left told him of his homeland of Balseraph, he feels saddened that he might never see it.