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Dr. Grimm in his robes

Full Name: Tobias Nolan Grimm

Alias: Tron, Toby, The Librarian, Dr. Grimm, The Good Doctor

Player: atron74

Title: Ex-Chancellor

Birthplace: Skyedale

Birth Year: Unknown

Height: 6'3"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Magi

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Patron Divine: High Lord Nivicus

Hometown: Locke

Allegiance: The Empire


Nolan Grimm ('Father)

 Marie Grimm ('Mother)

Garret Grimm ('Half-Brother)

Mordekai Grimm ('Half-Brother) 

Early LifeEdit

As a young boy, Tobias lived and played in Skyedale, prefering books over actual people. At the age of six, he sailed to Amaranth where he and his family resided on The Isle of Latria in The Teardrop Isles. It was here that The Good Doctor recieved his degree in medicine. He eventually moved to Locke seeking to further his studies by visiting the library where he could have access to a large amount of information. Upon learning Locke had no library, he opened one...


Tobias Grimm is the librarian at the Locke Public Library in his spare time. Despite his medical degree, he does not run a clinic or hospital. Wanting to learn for the moment, not practice or teach. The library is open for anyone who is allowed within Locke to peruse and/or copy the books within.

Present DayEdit

He was saddened by the loss of Darkovia, to the totally unprovoked Mike Dawson and but has since moved on to other things. He is, however, deeply troubled by the fact that he has not seen either of his friends Alexandria, or Antarius in almost a year, refusing to accept the fact that they are (or could be) dead. He often expresses interest in visiting his parents in The Teardrop Isles, but remarks how he, "Never can get around to it." He ended up asking for his armor back from Nicholai to which he had loaned it, and in doing so, Nicholai accidentally dropped a book. Curious, he and Zack went to the location the book listed, and found a tomb-like chamber where Nicholai had hidden bodies upon bodies to feed off of. A fight broke out, and he was injured, this resulted in Nicholai slitting his throat, killing him. His body was cremated in the morgue at the hospital in Izalith by Zackaria and Nikolai.