Alias: Tondier

Title: None

Birthplace: Balseraph

Birth Year: ???

Height: 6'4"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Psyian

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Patron Divine(s): Komid (Psyian God of Wind)

Hometown: Balseraph

Allegiance: None

Tondier is one of the last full-blooded Psyians, the bloodline of people who lived in Balseraph . Before the raiding of his hometown, he was a Sictorier (doctor). Afterwards, he was notably distant for a period of time living as a hermit. Wandering from makeshift home to makeshift home, until he found the Alliance, Tondier had a rather large amount of time to consider his isolation, time which some say made him insane to an extent.

He found sanctum in the embrace of the Alliance, being a misfit alongside despising the Empire with the rest of the Alliance. Being one of the few professionally trained doctors in the Alliance, Tondier was extremely busy, to say the least. Gossip and rumors spread to Tondier fast, for that same reason, to the point where he implemented a no talking unless spoken to rule. However, the personal aspect of his job required him to be a mediator on a numerous few occasions. After a certain amount of time, Father (the leader of the Alliance) made him an official judge because of the lack of any judges, much to Tondier's dismay. But, due to his respect for Father, he begrudgingly accepted the job.

Afterwards, Tondier and the Alliance disagreed, ending with Tondier kick out of the Alliance. Shortly thereafter, the Alliance fell. It was then revealed Tondier was undying, and in fact thousands of years old. Tondier now resides in Balseraph, after having moved to the Northern Lands with the Empire.

In recent events, Tondier was killed by Nivicus, but arrived in a different body with another full-blooded Psyian. The manner in which he was resurrected was unknown.