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Viktor has earned many scars during his years of criminal activities.

Full Name: Viktor Clam

Alias: Viktor

Player: GastlyClam

Title: Advisor

Birthplace: Iressia

Birth Year: 1139KL

Height: 5'11"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divine: Sathulu

Hometown: Arthedain

Alliegence: The Empire


Viktor Clam is a descendant of the mad, notorious thief Bourbon Clam, hailing from Furor, which is also called the Land of Madness. Viktor used to be a petty thief, pickpocketing and breaking into houses, before being rounded up by Michalis before he was a Lor. Michalis, seeing that the thief showed some brilliance, took him in and made him his Steward. Now Viktor holds the position as Advisor and holds, what else, advice for Lor Michalis on certain matters, and has been named Mayor of Arthedian. It is common knowledge that he spends his free time drinking, Viktor enjoys adventure, and has a deep respect for knowledge, mostly blueprints, secrets, or plans. He is also regarded with suspicion by some circles for his choice of patron god, since they were mostly worshipped by ancient barbaric tribes who, according to legend, have sacked kingdoms well before the founding of the Empire. Combined with his past ventures, Viktor hasn't made alot of friends with law enforcement or religious figures. A unique feature of the Advisor's face is his left eye, cursed with a surrounding bruise that enables him certain powers.