Vincent von Boon

Full Name: Vincent Jilliad von Boon

Alias: Shieldheart

Player: Shieldheart

Title: Emperor

Birthplace: Skyedale

Birth Year: 998KL

Height: 6'2"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Magi

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Patron Divine: High Lord Nivicus

Hometown: Locke

Alliegence: The Empire


Alexander von Boon (Father, Deceased)

Eliza von Boon (Mother, Deceased)

Leon von Boon (Brother)

Rose von Boon (Sister, Deceased)

Vincent von Boon was born in 998KL and unlike his younger siblings, Leon and Rose, he was born not in Boonville, but rather Skyedale (seemingly due to his parents having been travelling at the time, and they were forced to stop their movements to reach the nearest medical facility).

Formerly known as the Earl of Boonville (a courtesy peerage from his father, the Duke of Boon), he grew up in a very privileged society, being trained as both a warrior and a mage from an early age. Though a loner by nature, he formed a rather bizarre bond with one who could be called his polar opposite; his cousin, Caiaphas of Locke.

It was Vincent who convinced his father to abdicate his position when Caiaphas began his "campaign" to gain the throne, and it was through this abdication that Caiaphas was crowned the new King following the death of King Nathaniel the Magnificent.

However, follwing the death of Caiaphas some years later, and with Alexander von Boon having passed, Vincent von Boon ascended to the throne, being granted the pre-emptive pseudonym of "King Vincent Shieldheart".

Vincent, however, refused the title of King and, as his first act as defacto leader of Amaranthine, abolished the Kingdom, creating an Empire in its place, taking the title of Emperor for himself.

Granting his closest allies the title and position of Lor, the Old Kingdom was thrown into disarray, with formerly loyal towns now being brought into the Empire with an iron fist. Three of the leaders, Lor von Creeper, Lor Huntic and Lor Nito were able to take a prominent position in this new society. Most notably, Lor von Boon gained a position akin to Vincent's Second-in-Command, further securing his families hold on Amaranthine.

It became clear that those with Noble blood would prosper in this New Amaranthine.