Full Name: William Javert

Title: Last Grandmaster of the Circle, First Grand Inquisitor of the Council of the Aether

Birthplace: Locke

Birth Year: 234KL

Height: 6'3"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Magi

Patron Divine: High Lord Nivicus


William K. Javert (Son)

William Javert was the Grandmaster of the Circle during the period in which the Circle was brought under the control of the Old Kingdom. As such, he was also the first Grand Inquisitor of The Council of the Aether.

Being of pure Magi blood, William Javert, as with the royal line, can trace his decendants directly back to Jilliad Magi, and could be traced directly forward to the likes of Vincent von Boon or Joseph Fawkes today.

Beyond his position as the first Grand Inquisitor, he also holds the title for the longest living Gifted on Amaranthine. Having been born in 234KL, becoming the Grandmaster of the Circle in 260KL and the Grand Inquisitor of the Council of the Aether in 271KL, he then held that post until 981KL when Alexander von Boon was granted the position. William Javert passed away willingly in 1032KL, having trained Vincent von Boon in the art of Aether Manipulation. Given that he was, by this point, well over 750 years old, many would consider him the most powerful Aether Manipulator in history.