Full Name: William K. Javert

Title: Head of Aethertech Industries

Birthplace: Boonville

Birth Year: 1000KL

Height: 6'4"

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Magi

Patron Divine: High Lord Nivicus, Lord Divitius


William Javert  (Father, Deceased)

Born in 1001KL, William K. Javert is the son of William Javert. Being born to a man over 700 years old, and a busy man even at that age, the young William found peace and solice in his books. Having never recieved any true encouragement from his father during his childhood, when the young William turned to Aether Manipulation he looked towards technology, not spells.

By 1032KL, the year of his father's death, William K. had already established Aethertech Industries, an organisation that focused on the technological advances possible via the use of Aether.

Aethertech IndustriesEdit

William K. Javert still leads the company to this day, working alongside William's childhood friend Vincent von Boon, tasked with such things as perfecting the Aetheric Power Generators concieved by Gideon Evi.

However, amongst the most notable creations Aethertech has made are the ATD and the ACOM.

The ATDEdit

The ATD, or Aether Teleportal Device, allows for the user to tap into specific Aether Teleportals and grants them use of the network. Previously, such teleportals required constant guard, costing thousands in both cash and manhours.

The ATD also allows for any two individuals in posession the devices to create an impromptu "instant teleportal", instantly teleporting one to the other, or teleporting one individual to a pre-registered location. However, given that the Aether expended during these "instant teleportals" is greater than that of the fixed teleportals, a charge is applied to the users account for use of this feature.

To prevent potential infiltration, the ATD is protected with another Aethertech Industries development; "Aetheric Fingerprints". An Aetheric Fingerprint is the term used to describe the unique make-up of Aetheric matter within the body. As with a snowflake, no two are identical. As such, this allows for the user to "register" their device to their own Aetheric Fingerprint, guaranteeing that they will be the only one able to use it.


The ACOM, or Aether Communication Device, allows for the user to speak with any individual, regardless of distance. Rather than traditional radio wavelengths or signals, the ACOM sends the information directly through the Aether itself, allowing for an instant, crystal clear reception guaranteed.

A small device easy enough to fit inside a pocket without concern, the ACOM, as with the ATD, is directly registered to the owners Aetheric Fingerprint, preventing any other individuals from using it.

In addition, rather than simply speaking with an individual, the ACOM allows a user to broadcast a message to all ACOMs in the area, allowing easy advertising of local events, trade networks or even cries for help.

Whilst none can guarantee what Aethertech are currently working on - access to the Aethertech Industries facility, and even knowledge of it's location is strictly limited - given their relationship with the Empire many suspected it to be a weapon to use against the Alliance.

However, Empire supporters mantain that anything Aethertech Industries create will be used to benefit the lives of everybody within Amaranthine.