Wolf Huntic

Full Name: Wolf Michalis Huntic

Alias: Wolf

Player: WolfHuntic

Title: Heir to the Huntic Clan

Birthplace: Arthedain

Birth Year: 1133KL

Height: 6'7"

Status: Deceased

Bloodline: Magi-Firas

Patron Divines: High Lord Nivicus, Lord Sekheimos

Hometown: Arthedain

Alliegence: The Empire


Nathaniel Huntic (Cousin)


Wolf Michalis Huntic was born to the main branch of the noble Huntic family, and by birthright the heir to the clan. He spent most of his youth studying the arts of warfare, and learning to become a master warrior trained in all forms of combat, including some magic. Before rising to both the position of Lor in the Empire and the leader of his clan, he fought in countless battles alongside Azruhkal VonCreeper. Michalis' father: Gilraen Huntic, died at the battle of Broken Hill, Were they were heavily outnumbered by the Alliance. Both sides suffered tonnes of casualties, The Imperials eventually won the battle after Gilraen led The Myrmillos in a suicide mission into the Alliance's ranks, Where he dealt a heavy blow to their numbers.


Michalis is shown to be a cold person; even though he harbours no hatred against the common people of Amaranthine and even harbours a respect for the now (almost) extinct Psyians, he is ruthless in battle, often decimating armies and showing no mercy. Michalis believes that a Leader should fight alongside his people, and thus he is often seen on the frontlines of the Imperial Army.


Michalis is a tall muscled man, even dwarfing most of the Firas. And his strenght makes him able to wear Heavy weighted weapons like Shiveredge with one hand, Where others need two hands to wield it.